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How to Have the Best Outdoor Movie Night in New Jersey

outdoor movie night new jerseyOutdoor movie nights in New Jersey are fun and relaxing. With great weather, great movies, and great friends, there’s not much that can beat the movie nights we can help you throw at Rolling Video Games. Our experts have also put together some great tips to help ensure that your movie night goes perfectly.

It doesn’t require much to make an outdoor movie night in New Jersey great, but a little planning and thinking ahead can help to ensure that it’s as good as it can possibly be. Here are our best tips for planning your outdoor movie night:

Pick the Right Spot for Your Outdoor Movie Night in New Jersey

At Rolling Video Games, we can set up an outdoor movie night in just about any place, whether it’s your back yard or at the local community center. Our company is set up to provide all the equipment needed for New Jersey mobile video game parties and outdoor movie nights. But wherever you’re having your outdoor movie night, it’s important that you choose the right spot for the event. you’ll want to make sure that no street lights or other major sources of light will interfere with the picture, and we also recommend that the area is at least 20 x 30 feet to guarantee optimal projection.

Pick a Great Movie

We’ll set up and tear down all of the equipment, make sure that the movie plays well, and provide you with a high quality, Blu-Ray version of the movie you select. Picking a great movie, however, is totally up to you. You should consider the kind of crowd that you’re expecting to show up and choose according to that. It’s always good to choose a classic, a family-friendly film, or a great comedy. 

Use Soft Lights

You want your guests to be able to see and move around as necessary during the movie, but you also want it to be dark enough that the projection looks great. Using candles for a little light can help to add some ambiance and some functionality.

Accommodate Your Guests

Make sure that your guests are comfortable with great seating and snacks. You don’t need fancy outdoor seating necessarily—in fact, some blankets on the grass can be perfect. Ask our associates about popcorn and cotton candy machines as well to help make sure that your guests have a great time.

If you’re interested in our services and equipment for outdoor movie nights in New Jersey, call Rolling Video Games at 973-832-4377, or fill out our online request form.