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Tips from Your New Jersey Mobile Video Game Party Pros

Check out the most recent articles from Rolling Video Games for tips on planning a great party and more from our New Jersey mobile video game party experts. From ideas for kids' birthday parties to movie night planning tips and more, we'll help you make sure your event is fun and memorable!

Party Favors And Other Details That Make Your Party Really Rock

No matter what the occasion, any party is meant to be fun and should be memorable – for all the right reasons. It is important to go all out when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for a celebration. One great way to do this is with party favors, and other details. In fact, […]

How to Have the Best Outdoor Movie Night in New Jersey

outdoor movie night new jersey

Outdoor movie nights in New Jersey are fun and relaxing. With great weather, great movies, and great friends, there’s not much that can beat the movie nights we can help you throw at Rolling Video Games. Our experts have also put together some great tips to help ensure that your movie night goes perfectly.It doesn’t […]

How Video Games Benefit Kids

how kids benefit from video games in new jersey

Video games have only gotten more and more popular with time, and that momentum isn’t slowing down. Kids love playing video games of all kinds, and even a majority of today’s adults have at least a passing interest in video games. Whether they’re as simple as Pong or as complicated as the most modern storytelling […]

The Best Games for Your Mobile Video Game Party in New Jersey

video games for parties in New Jersey

You’ve organized your big party, your guests are going to be well-fed, and you’ve even scheduled Rolling Video Games to top off the events and keep the party as fun as possible. Now you just need to decide which video games you and your guests will be playing at your mobile video game party in […]

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