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Mobile Video Game Parties & Outdoor Movie Nights Rentals In Hackensack, NJ

Hackensack New Jersey Mobile Video Game Parties If you are looking at throwing a party in the near future, and you are looking for a way to create a fun, exciting, and memorable experience for all of those in attendance, our team of professionals here at Rolling Video Games is here to help. We have a number of excellent party services we offer like laser tag, outdoor movie nights, and mobile video game parties to all of our customers in the Hackensack area. Together with our team of mobile video game rental professionals, we will be able to help you create a party or social event that is guaranteed to be a great time for you and all of your guests.Our professional Hackensack mobile video game parties are the perfect addition to any kind of event, whether you are looking for party options for birthday parties, backyard cookouts, larger school or community events, or a number of other social gatherings.

Our team of professionals will work with you directly to help schedule your event and do whatever it takes to get you everything you need with our services to throw the event of a lifetime. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with every service we provide, and you can be sure that your guests are going to have the time of their lives. We are the premier choice among Hackensack adults and children alike for mobile video game parties, movie nights, kids birthday parties, and much more.If you have any questions about our full line of mobile video game party services, or if you are looking for help in scheduling and planning your next event, give us a call today. Our team of experts are always standing by and ready to do whatever they can to bring your next party or gathering to the next level.

Hackensack Mobile Video Game Parties

Without a doubt, mobile video game theaters are our main attraction here at Rolling Video Games. Our rolling video game trucks here in Hackensack can accommodate between 16 and 24 players, either all playing on the same games in multiplayer, or playing a wide variety of different games all on our high tech HD TV screens. We have a collection of the latest and greatest video game titles available, along with some of the more classic selections, for Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii U Consoles alike. Our professional mobile game theater technicians will also always be on hand to ensure that everything is operating like it should be and help to maximize the amount of fun you and your guests are able to have. It is our priority to ensure that you and your guests have an event to look back on and remember as something truly incredible, and we do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Hero Blast Laser Tag In Hackensack

Laser tag has been an all-time favorite for years now, and now Rolling Video Games is helping you bring that fun and excitement to your own backyard of your next party event. Our hero blast laser tag system lets kids form up into teams and play against each other, no matter where your next party is held. Your kids will have the time of their lives with this beloved classic, and our professional game coaches will be on hand to ensure that everything works like it should and that your event runs smoothly. Your kids will even be able to go online afterwards and look at their stats and the leaderboards.

Hackensack, NJ

If you are interested in booking an outdoor movie night or mobile video game party services in Hackensack, give Rolling Video Games a call today at 973-832-4377 or fill out our online request form.